Petronor is a privately owned company which is headquartered in Dubai. The company was founded in 2001 to provide services to the oil and gas industry with an initial focus on Iraq where Petronor set up Iraq Energy City, the market leader in providing life support services. Iraq Energy City is the premier life support facility in the country with clients ranging from the world’s top International Oil companies to leading service providers in the O&G market. Since its inception, Petronor grew rapidly and has expanded to South Sudan and Mozambique providing life support services and operational assistance to our clients.

Our Approach

Our approach to doing business is drawn from a deep cultural awareness and sensitivity, as well as an appreciation and respect for people and different local operating environments. We believe in reducing risk by having the right personnel, and using the most up-to-the-minute technologies. This approach allows us to increase profitability, maintain high standards and create a solid foundation for future growth. We are committed to making a difference while providing outstanding service to our clients.

Petronor Group’s mission is to continue to build strong professional relationships and provide the highest quality service to our clients, exceeding their expectations.

Petronor Group’s long-term vision is to become a leader in oil services support and infrastructure integration.

Petronor’s guiding principle is to effectively utilize the best quality and most advanced technology in operations; this is based on our philosophy of providing superior customer service and the highest level of commitment in the field. We wish to build sustainable developments in tough environments, positively impact lives and to support local communities.


Petronor Group’s experience in the Middle East and Africa dates back to the 1980’s. Key executives have been based and operated in the MENA region for decades and have built extensive networks within the Oil and Gas sector.

Solid relationships form an integral part of our business, and in Iraq Petronor was even present at the reopening of the Iraq Ministry of Oil on April 16, 2003. We possess extensive knowledge of the Iraqi petroleum industry and all aspects relating to oil and gas operations within the country.

Petronor is a privately owned.

Why Choose Us?

  • Knowledgeable Team
  • Flexible Solutions
  • Experience operating in challenging environments
  • Solid Infrastructure
  • Documented Track Record
  • Systematic and innovative approach to problem solving