Iraq Energy City

Iraq Energy City was built and operated by Petronor Group. Iraq Energy City (IEC) is leading the way in providing a unique community model with the highest standards of residential and commercial facilities in southern Iraq. Services emphasize reliability, quality, safe and cost effective operations, with recreational facilities that truly set IEC apart from the rest. Our clients are local and international oil and gas companies, oilfield service providers and their sub-contractors in Iraq.

In August 2020 Petronor Group sold Iraq Energy City to Leo Mons LLC, a US investment company  who is now operating the facility

Petronor Baghdad

Petronor Baghdad is the Headquarter for Petronor’s activities in Iraq. The services include business support, offices and accommodations.

With an extensive network and access, Petronor can ease the entry to market and provide reliable advice based on actual experience.


Pemba Energy City

Pemba Energy City Lda. is a Mozambican subsidiary of Petronor Group Ltd. (, headquartered in Dubai, UAE. Petronor Group has a wealth of experience in the provision of service support to top players in the Oil & Gas sector in remote and challenging areas such as Basra, Iraq and Juba, South Sudan.

Juba Energy City

Juba Energy City, a subsidiary of Petronor Group, and a party of the “Energy City” concept conceived, and currently being implemented, is based in Juba, South Sudan. In 2013, while major international companies opted to downsize their operations in South Sudan, as a result of the deteriorating economic and financial situation, the leadership of JEC, decided to take the road less traveled. The company was registered, manned, and an action plan was being put together.