Pemba Energy City


Pemba Energy City Lda. is a Mozambican subsidiary of Petronor Group Ltd., headquartered in Dubai, UAE. Petronor Group has a wealth of experience in the provision of service support to top players in the Oil & Gas sector in remote and challenging areas such as Basra, Iraq and Juba, South Sudan.

Pemba Energy City (PEC) is planned and designed to offer an integral solution for companies looking to establish a presence in Cabo Delgado province. In a customer-centric approach, the City will offer– high end accommodation facilities, international dining, modern recreational facilities, office and storage spaces, complete catering including housekeeping and laundry. Clients will also be able to rent vehicles and even construction equipment. PEC knows about the importance of continuity in communication for the success of our clients’ business, and commits to uninterrupted power supply and satellite internet, an added value unique to Pemba. 24/7 security is provided by well-equipped and trained guards, a solar –powered electric fence and permanent access control.

PEC is strategically located in the industrial area just opposite the New Port & Logistics Base, in very close proximity of international companies such as Schlumberger, Bolloré, Halliburton, Regis and Afrox, just behind Anadarko’s yard in Muxara. The Pemba International Airport is only 10 minutes away. Our residents enjoy unobstructed views on the Indian Ocean, with a permanent, refreshing breeze. The new builds can be tailored to the needs of the clients and will include first class common facilities.