Not satisfied with the status quo of the available information and communication technology (ICT) in Southern Iraq, Petronor introduced and brought in the latest medium earth orbiting satellite bandwidth technologies, network technologies, audio visual solutions and general ICT support to Southern Iraq.

Operations started with the first geostationary earth orbiting satellite connectivity contract during December 2014 and commercial medium earth orbiting satellite connectivity was introduced to the market during by the end of 2015. The vision was to become a preferred ICT network and services solutions provider in the Southern Iraq energy sector with its mission to provide efficient, cost effective and redundant network architecture, bandwidth connectivity and in-country datacentre solutions.



Fiber bandwidth is purchased through upstream intermediary whole sellers who in turn purchase from the Iraqi Telecommunication and Post Company (ITPC) and are licensed through the Ministry of Communication (MOC) and their Communications and Media Commission (CMC).

ITPC is a government-owned and operated corporation responsible for providing telecommunication and mail services in Iraq and custodian of the existing fiber network. Where it pertains satellite, microwave-using licensed frequencies, and radio technologies and services, all providers need to be licensed or able to demonstrate that licensing is in process. Geostationary earth orbiting satellite bandwidth is purchased through whole sellers.

Geostationary satellite bandwidth has been the mainstay of communications in remote location with relatively high latency and low signal throughput directly related to the distance of the satellites from the earth at approximately 40,000km. Medium earth orbiting satellite bandwidth is characterized by relative low latencies less than 150ms and fiber like speeds, also directly related to the proximity of its satellite constellation to earth at approximately 8,000km.

Network Management


Petronor partner design, build, operate and support distribution network characterized through high-speed point to multipoint microwave signal transmission to buildings (sectors), Secured Ethernet connectivity for WiFi and wired access, Multi-channel (2.4/5GHz) WiFi access across identified buildings and spaces within the premises.

The modus operandi is to create a reliable and scalable LAN service for the premises that integrates with the existing provision and yet augments and improves the delivery. Scalability is a must i.e. every solution must meet the requirements not only for the personnel on site today but also for simplified changes as the site expands. Creating a highly available, high capacity and stable ‘always on communications’ platform is a critical requirement. The implementation normally takes a phased approach and Petronor also provide managed services that include data centers and communications towers.

A dedicated engineering team can be brought onsite to deliver maintenance and support as agreed under robust SLA (service level agreement). Support can be provided to built and operate network operating centers.

Distributed AV Solutions


Petronor manage and maintain distributed television systems either IP or analog, the cabling and its associated equipment housed in the various server rooms, as well as support with implementing and maintaining the CCTV camera plan. Support can be provided to manage existing network TV systems for upgrades and ongoing services and to manage, install, monitor and maintain CCTV cameras as required.

IT Support


Petronor provide general ICT support at the customer’s premises. This includes the day-to-day computer hardware and software support, including laptop, PC, smartphones, printers, scanners and accessories. An inventory of equipment issued can also be maintained, as well as the ICT related stores content. Support and advice can be given to recommend computer hardware and software standardization.